2017 Workshop Schedule - Every Wednesday in January-February.  New Location, The Music Building, Manhattan, NYC.

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"...Maracatu New York delivers such a primal payoff when it zeroes in on drum/percussion action on “Baque do Brooklyn”. Imagine the fusion of a well-disciplined military band paired with a spirited marching band, amplify the ferocity and send it down the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras..."

"Under the guise of Maracatu NY, Kettner has created a band and an album that's a stroke of percussive genius. Baque Do Brooklyn is the very definition of percussive music and while it's led with plenty of horns the album is truly all about the drums. This is the sound of Carnivale moving through the streets and is so rhythmic that it's perfect for marching. Baque Do Brooklyn blends Brazilian maracatu with New Orleans rhythms, funk, and blues. It's a globe trotting record that's all about movement, energy, and the simple joys of beats and brass."  -Paul Popi 



From the swamps of Recife to the Bayou of New Orleans through the streets of Brooklyn - Maracatu New York has has been bringing the thunderous sound of Brazilian Maracatu de Baque Virado to NYC for over a decade. 



Our mission is to expose the NY community to northeastern Brazilian rhythms such as Maracatu de Baque Virado, Coco, Ciranda and Forró and how they relate to the Second Line and Mardi Gras Indian rhythms from New Orleans.   We pay complete honor and respect to the traditional groups from New Orleans and Brazil in our workshops and in our music and we encourage our students to travel to these places and learn directly with the masters of these traditions .  We even get lucky a few times a year and get to bring the masters right here to Brooklyn!  Maracatu New York classes are dynamic and are open to everyone - musicians and non-musicians alike.  Instruments are provided.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for a class today!

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