Available August, 2013!

"... Scott Kettner has written a superb book that will be a useful resource for anyone looking to expand their musical versatility. For the first time, Scott traces the connection between Brazilian maracatu and the second-line drumming of New Orleans, and in the same way that second line helped inflect the playing of the great jazz drummers, Scott's unique approach to maracatu is going to be vitally relevant for contemporary musicians."

- Billy Hart


"... the real value of this book is the look into hybridizing the Maracatu with other styles (namely New Orleans second line) and adapting it all for the drumset.  By checking out this material, I've been able to expand my knowledge of Brazilian music and come up with tons of new ideas that I can use in my own playing situations".
-Stanton Moore


"This book is far and away the most thorough, most accurate, and most complete guide to this amazing music and its place within Brazilian culture. It is essential reading for any student of Brazilian music, and for percussionists it will be the text for years to come. Bravo to Scott for shedding so much light on such important and wonderful music"!
-Michael Spiro

"... The introductory section covering the history end evolution of this music was a most interesting and enlightening read. Work on this material. It will make you a better musician, no matter what gig you are doing. Thanks for a great book Scott"!
-Ed Uribe

The first in-depth instructional book in English about Maracatu de Baque Virado is now available online.

Maracatu for Drumset and Percussion by Scott Kettner with Michele Nascimento and Aaron Shafer-Haiss explores the history and traditional  Baques (rhythms) of maracatu from the following groups:

Nação Estrela Brilhante
Nacão Porto Rico
Nação Encanto da Alegria
Nação Leão da Campina
Nação Aurora Africana
Nação Cambinda Estrela
Nação Leão Coroado
.....and many more.

Kettner also lays out new ideas for playing the traditional maracatu rhythms on the drumset while exploring Zigaboo, James Black, Stanton Moore and other New Orleans and Mardi Gras Indian grooves and how to morph them with Maracatu on the drumset.

The book is now available to pre-order online. 

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